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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 31, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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now. i'm going to start out in yu kia. they're getting rain down towards the clover dale area. winds to street level we go. santa rosa, getting steady moderate rainfall. point platt form bridge road we're getting rainfall. you can see a little bit of blue showing up. atmosphere ising moist. here is the forecast. right now rain mainly into the north. that rain will start to head south it's wet, wreez breezy at 8:00 pchl. temperatures into mid-50s now. you'll need rain gear, heading out of the door i would take rain gear with you.
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dress little ones warmly. i'll be back with the rest of the forecast in just a few minutes including rainfall totals. >> thank you. hundreds of thousands cheered one more time for giants in a massive celebration and rain stayed away. giants closer jumped from his convertible to get closer to the fans along market street. sky 7 hd captured these images of tim lincecum capturing autographs for fans. brian wilson missed nearly all of the season due to an injury in april. interest there he is, decked out. so this year, he played the
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role of cheerleader dipping along market street today. >> and that parade ended at san francisco city hall. players camped out overnight to see the team. laura? >> party is over. what a party it was. this plaza packed before the parade started tens of thousands of people stretched from city hall back to united nations plaza. many came from places like chico, sacramento perhaps most impressive, the time that many of them arrived some got out here at dawn. many others at 1:00, tk in the morning in cases last night
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one man arrived at 1:00 in the afternoon. >> we got here today at 1:50 in the morn sog we've been here hours. it's worth it. >> we've been here 11 hours. it's been fun and worth it. >> this is a crowd cha chanted and sang along with the likes of tony bennett. talked about doing it all over again. seems like a tradition many fans seem to be contebt to carry on for years still to come. we can show you a live picture here in the plaza. you can see crews are taking down the giants scaffolding.
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i'm sure folks will pack it away until maybe this time next year. >> joy did not die down once players hit the stage. everyone announcers were there, ready to party. >> how fliled we are to have our world series champions back in san francisco. >> fans weren't as close to as loud as you. >> you guys better be proud. you need to be proud. and i tell you this for sure, we're all world series champions here.
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in san francisco. >> abc 7 news was on market street today along the route with fans and players. what. >> i great show eefsh loves a party. we had them all today. there were 20 minutes when you can stand on the corner and watch the center of the baseball universe pass by. all you needed was an excuse to be here. >> i have world series fever it must be catching. it is an ailment for only one cure. this would be it. >> it's a wonderful day. >> what happened is a love
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fest. imagine the year matt cane had. he pitches a perfect game. >> this is paying off. >> it's unbelievable. i start crying. i love. >> these people. >> with the parade two years ago? >> it's different. we know how to could it now. >> it's different. it's the same in the book of san francisco happiest days ever mark this down. >> it's players that execute. they get it done. they're not going to be denied. this is proving this isn't going to go home. >> and now, with every passing minute market street becomes
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more, and more normal. as normal as market street will be. if nothing else, see what i mean? this is one halloween for ages. wayne freedman abc 7 news. >> no kidding. thank you very much. players told us how much fans mean to them. after being eliminated fans never gave up. the team thanked fans repeatedly. we love you. we did it. >> these guys have been unbelievable. we're thinking fans are way better. >> you can see why. this is awesome. this will bring to you tears.
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being with these people, they earned it. >> wow, saying fans are really the 26 players on the field. >> abc 7 news found them all along the parade route today you know i think i still have some confetti in my hair. it was a big party and the stars were of course giants players. fans arrived early this morning at the crack of dawn. they arrived from different places in the bay area. i like to see old guard and willie mays. this is what some had to say
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about the new generation of giants. >> great team. young team. fans enjoyed both times. it's important. >> today was a day to acknowledge the team and remember moments of the 2012 world series that brought them greatness. >> teammates showing me love throughout the season. i mean, just very proud, feel blessed and unbelievable. >> hometown kids. these are your people. >> i mean i am still -- it's a dream come true to be here.
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>> fans as a team on market zp powell z a lot of people hanging out here. it seems like they don't want to go home. now, cheryl just for you. i know you're in the studio today. and if you need more confetti just in case. >> there you go. >> thank you. >> how is that? >> loved it. >> wait. wait. >> thank you. >> everyone excited to see their favorite giant. coach jim harbaugh drove brandon belt. these shots as cars drove by. alex smith says he's a huge fan and says the parade went
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well. >> and a million giants fans trying to get home from the celebration along with the evening commute on halloween. let's take a look at the situation right now from 7 hd. they're not going anywhere, fast. we are live from the scene there. they must be advise miz rabl. >> yes. just a little bit of relief. a ferry just boarded. you can see these are all actually happy people still. the ferry building winds down. it's jammed on bart. hundreds of thousands of fans
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expected bart, were expected. bart running larger trains. you can get on to platforms here all right. but problem is getting onto the train car. sometimes only one or two people could enter the car. do you know what? no one was complaining. you can see line here surprisingly shockingly going up and down here, no one grumpy or upset. everybody thrilled to be here. fans here and there still pockets erupted to giants cheers. some folks hoping to get a bus back instead of continuing to wait in line for the ferry. >> they have trick or treating
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to do. >> celebrations seemed to be trouble free for the most part. sunday the giants swept detroit, some fans got violent. the legal process against them is now underway. as we speak├▒i, the police chief is briefing reporters here at the hall of justice on arrests made last night of a man charged with the bus. he grew up in marin county. this is a widely circulated photograph. shot by a freelance camera man sunday night. that shows a man using a steel barricade to smash front windshields of the bus. police believe he is that man.
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the mayor says it will cost $1 million to replace it. he's no longer here. this afternoon, four of the nine defendants were arraigned in three courtrooms. two defendants appeared in one courtroom. brian irwin charged with arson. so talking about the arrest last night. he'll release details at this news conference. we know some detail that's police received a lot of tips from the public because of the picture. police again believe grannis is the man in that photograph. tonight we'll have the exclusive story of a man tried to prevent that unruly mob from vandalizing that bus. this is a story you'll want to
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see. he is a true hero. >> thank you very much. >> a million people leave behind a lot of garbage. the city massive clean up jobs coming up here. how much trash they'll pick up off the streets. >> also a principle on trial accused of not reporting child molestation. the prosecution says proves her guilt. the
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woah. wow. what a site, huh? looks like it's raining confetti today. the city used 24 canons to shoot one and a half tons of orange confetti. cleaning this up is going to be a huge undertaking. the city had sweepers right
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behind the parade. they expect to pick up garbage it's nontoxic. >> a lot more at 6:00 but let's move on. san jose, trial has begun for a former school principle accused of not reporting a suspected case of child abuse. in court cameras were not allowed. >> prosecutors say these notes are at the heart of the case against the former principal at wailly elementary school. she describes what a third grade student told her in october, to 11. the 8-year-old girl says she was alone with her teacher, this man, craig chandler. she told the principal he blind folded her, had her lie on the floor and put something
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gooey in her mouth. prosecutors say she was required to report that information. >> i think the point of the trial is that a reasonable person would have suspected that an act of child abuse had occurred. >> the defense says the principal was conned by devious explanations by the teacher. the now former principal says chandler was part of a lesson plan centered on helen keller, and empathy for the disabled. >> each of the things the child said were covered by the statement that the chandler gave. they were explained as part of a lesson. >> prosecutors say the girl's mother who speaks canton ease and another district official ware of the alleged conduct did not call police but claim the principal was mandated to do so. they have charged chandler with felony counts. the prosecution rested its case today after hauling three witnesses to the stand including the little girl.
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if the jury convicts, she faces up to six months in jail. >> sandhya patel keeping on eye on the weather. >> this, i feel for trick or treaters. >> i warned everyone. i would just say if you're thinking go later, go now. in the next couple hours, live picture from our mount tamalpais camera, you can see rain coming down. it's been steady in the north bay. it arrived as scheduled. green showing up, some yellows in the north bay. storm moving in. i'm going to take you in closer.
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we have our own radar. tracking moisture as it's coming in. into closer we're seeing heavy rain around yu kia. so far, almost a half inch in yu kaia. towards petaluma avenue, moderate to heavy down pours right now. temperatures at this hour comfortable. numbers into upper 50s to mid-60s. cloud cover. and the rain. here is the forecast. rainy night, showers will linger into tomorrow morning and then it's going to be sunny, warmer for weekend. here is a look at storm on satellite and radar. you can see moisture associated with it. this is a warm storm. this cold front will continue to spread the rain. so not terribly windy.
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here is the animation. 7:00 tonight we see rain. it's starting to push down towards san francisco. sock p.m. it's coming through the heart of the bay area. into 5:00 a.m. slick roadways that may slow you down. showers wind down. rainfall totals with this system loork r look like this. a quarter half an inch to the peninsula. same thing for the north bay. it tapers heading to the south bay. snow levels going to be high. speaking of moisturing, temperatures in the 50s. make sure you have umbrellas. it will be on the cool side in the afternoon, 60s to 70s. around the bay temperatures in
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the 60s. that is where showers will end last. accu-weather forecast we're going to go with sunnier one starting friday. low 80s inland. sunday morning change your clocks we go to standard time. saturday night before going to bed set them back an hour. >> straight ahead unmasking last minute shoppers. >> which characters
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folks waiting until the
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last minute to do halloween shopping. >> customers kept streaming into the spirit super store today. guys went for monster masks. women, for other costumes. >> people had to improvize. >> i wanted to be captain america. now, i changed my mind i'm going to be an evil spiderman. >> there is hardly anything left. we leave to it last minute. >> yeah. yeah. >> mitt romney and barack obama masks were big sellers.. >> also avengers. >> i came as a giants fan. >> you did, indeed. >> stay with us. more sights and sounds of the giants celebration. >> in just a moment.
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coming up at 6:00 a giants fan got his nose broken trying to keep rowdy revelers in check. he was reunited today with the man who saved him. abc 7 news has the story. we have pictures from nine stories below sea level. a fresh water tunnel being
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built below the bay. we'll show you the technique they're using to dig it. also from parade to podium we'll have new coverage today, and the race to get out of town. it's coming up in half an hour. now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> it was so exciting being out there. we're at the beginning of the parade i got my hat and scarf and i'm decked out, you know? take a look at highlights of the event throughout the streets of san francisco. thanks for watching. >> see you later. >> we love you. a lot of heart. you're awesome. we did it.


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